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Specialist schemes and programme business

We are looking to partner with coverholders, programme administrators and insurance purchasing groups with specific insurance requirements.

Our appetite includes:

  • Schemes/programmes between £1 million and £15 million in premium
  • At least 3 year’s proven premium and loss history
  • Experienced coverholder or programme administrator with underwriting authority
  • Expert knowledge of the sector
  • Clearly identifiable trade sector, affiliation or affinity customer group

Coverage may be single line, for example, covering property or general liability only, or multi-line in the form of specific covers or package policies.

As an example, the following sectors would fall within DTW1991’s appetite:

  • Specialist personal lines
  • Non-critical Catastrophe exposed property
  • Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Medical Facilities
  • Builders’ Risk
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Contractors Equipment
  • Day spas and salons
  • Food industry
  • Retail Property
  • Golf and Country Clubs
  • Hotel and Motel
  • Municipality
  • Vacant Property
  • Sports and recreation
  • Health and fitness
  • Events and attractions
  • Entertainment
  • Outfitters and guides

For further information please contact:

Daniel Wright, Active Underwriter
Steve Mitchell, Deputy Active Underwriter
John Spenceley, Head of Underwriting
Mike Patchett, Head of Specialty

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