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SME commercial mono-line property, liability and package

Property and associated liabilities, whether written on a stand-alone or package basis is a core competency for the syndicate.

Our focus is on coverholders, binders, facilities and programmes that have a geographic pread of risk. Cover may be on a single or multi-peril basis, including Catastrophe perils exposure. Business may be written on a primary, full value or excess basis. Our preference is to write business 100%. 

The business has a trade profile with emphasis on offices, retail and rental properties, with a focus on small high street operations, and light manufacturing and assembly.

Liability is written on an occurrence basis. UK Employers’ Liability is not written in isolation.

We have a strong focus on risk selection and management and survey criteria are agreed on each facility.  

For further information please contact:

For risks domiciled in the UK 

John Spenceley, Syndicate Director of Underwriting or

The UK and International underwriting team

For risks outside of the UK (excluding North America): 

Ben Warren, Class Underwriter, UK or

The UK and International underwriting team

For risks in North America:

Steve Mitchell, Deputy Active Underwriter or

The North American underwriting team 


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