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Ryan Husbands


Bringing a bit of Bermuda to the city.

Originally from Bermuda, Ryan came to the UK when he was 16 to study. With extended family in both London and Bermuda he feels connected wherever he is. A talented cook he’s always trying to get more people to try Bermudan delicacies, in particular fish cakes which are a Good Friday tradition. Communities and households come together to compete to make the best fish cakes.

Ryan is drawn to communities and so sought a career that was all about people, the connections, the building of relationships and trust. He liked the uniqueness of the London insurance market and its way of doing business.

Ryan was the 9th member of staff to join DTW. He worked within Delegated Underwriting Management before moving into underwriting in Accident & Health, keeping the focus on people. His love of all things sporting comes in handy for underwriting Sports Personal Accident, the Sports Travel+ and Holiday Travel+ products.

“It’s the people that make the business. At DTW there is a mutual understanding and trust that we are all working together for the same goals, you do the right things the right way together.”

To talk to Ryan about Bermudian food or Accident and Health contact:

+44 20 3923 3151

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