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Paul Catherall

A stroke of genius

DTW1991 is a proud supporter of the arts. We have commissioned work from renowned London-based printmaker and illustrater Paul Catherall for use with our syndicate branding.

From the late 1990s Paul has worked predominantly in linocuts. His prints beautifully reconstruct urban landscapes and details in architecture. They build seemingly abstract blocks of colour into perfectly balanced compositions, which unite as one representational whole. Drawing influence from classic mid-20th century poster designers, such as Tom Eckersley and Edward Wadsworth, and inspired by the semi-abstract landscapes of Cezanne, Catherall combines an expert eye for composition and colour with consummate draughtmanship to create striking and iconic images.

Cezanne and Sickert have been a recurrent influence on his use of colour and construction of form. He greatly admires the progressive commercial designers of the 1920s and 1930s, particularly Edward Mcknight Kauffer and Tom Purvis.

His work has featured on posters and book covers for British Airways, Marks & Spencer, Bloomsbury and Harper Collins.

"My favourite part of London has to be South Bank, the National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall and Hayward Gallery. People lump it in with 50s and 60s brutalism, which everyone loves to hate because they associate it with high-rise blocks and multi-storey car parks. But on a sunny day it forms an abstract design, the way the light hits the shapes. It's beautiful."

Contact Paul Catherall for a coffee to discuss art and possible commissions.  

+44 20 7407 8111


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