Dtw mike patchett

Mike Patchett

Head of Specialty

Never mix business with slobber.

Every morning Mike sneaks out of his house because of a promise he kept to his daughter. That promise was a giant ball of fluff puppy. Today that puppy is fourteen stone Monty the emotionally needy St. Bernard. Sneaking out is the only way to arrive at the office slobber free.  

In the seventies Mike belonged to a motor club and raced at club level. He was then the proud owner of a MK1 Ford Escort Mexico, and then an Avenger Tiger - which was bright orange with black stripes and a matching fin. Back in the late seventies he insured Steve Parish and the legend Barry Sheene. That was his spark. He’s been in insurance ever since. 

Mike underwrites the risk for all manner of motorsport, from governing bodies and high profile events, to the quirky “grassroots” fun of racing lawnmowers. He’s been specialising in sports and leisure for nearly twenty years. Whether it’s motorsport, leisure or equestrian Mike and his team are very selective about partners. They are very selective about risk. They are very selective about adjusters. 

DTW provide brokers with a fantastic level of service. We work exclusively with three or four specialist motorsport brokers. Our brokers know Mike and his team are committed to their business. 

It’s a different way of looking at risk. A different attitude to risk, born from experience.  

“It’s not what somebody does. It’s how they go about it. If I have a big loss, I want to look my peers in the eye and say I would write that risk again next year – same terms - because ultimately it’s managed as best as it can be. It’s run well. It’s under these rules and regulations. And by the way, accidents happen. Ultimately, that’s what I do.”

Want to talk St. Bernards and business with Mike?

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