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It’s a long road back from 12 doughnuts

Ryan Husbands and I decided in the name of exploration and adventure to discover how many doughnuts could be consumed in one hour. I said it would be easy. My wife said if I died, I would at least die a hero. Within an hour, Ryan and I had raised £1,000 for charity. This wasn’t a competition. The idea was to work together, and support each other through our mission to mass consume glazed joy. 

It was one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever done. I had tactics. I thought I would begin with pace. I ate the first 4 in 10 minutes. So I had 8 to eat in 50 minutes: but after the third doughnut, they stopped tasting sweet. After the fourth, my body sent the stop signal to my brain. Ryan had a similar experience. From doughnut four it was a test of will: a psychological battle against doughnuts for the greater good. Walking around while eating them helped. Ryan and I broke them into smaller pieces, and even the little pieces were a struggle to swallow. My brain and body were screaming at me: do not eat any more. 

The aftermath
I fell asleep 4 times during my 20-minute train journey home. For the next few days I was exhausted. That night, I took my dog for a walk, and another dog nicked my dog’s ball. I hated that dog for taking my dog’s ball, in a fashion most unbecoming of a man of education. It took five days to return to normal.

What did I learn?
What you put into your body affects who you are. And I’m never eating another doughnut ever again. 

All for a good cause
We raised £1,010 raised for Emilia's Little Heart Charity, and Dan donated £500 to the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. For the people at DTW to get involved and give money for such a good cause, it's wonderful. Everyone donated, which speaks volumes about the generosity of the team.

To doughnate to Emilia’s Little Heart Charity:

+44 20 7780 5907

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