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Ian Oakley

Head of Programmes

Running from elephants.

On leaving school Ian spent a year completing voluntary service in Africa with Project Trust. Ian knew from the get go that this wouldn’t be a walk in the park. The journey began with a 3 week stint on a container ship working alongside the crew in order to get to Africa. In his challenging adventure Ian managed to hitchhike over 10,000 miles, experienced life in nomadic tribes, stayed in mud huts, pitched tents in the bush and on one occasion was chased by elephants.

Ian continues to weave challenge and improvement into his daily life, be it learning Spanish, improving his deep sea diving or his desire to create something more in insurance.  As Head of Programmes Ian will be writing a diverse portfolio of US and non-US liability written as Quota Share, Excess of Loss and binders.

“There’s a synergy between me and DTW1991, their processes, planning and their aspirations. I know that being part of DTW1991 gives me and my business partners a promising and exciting future.”

To talk to Ian about Africa, diving and Programmes contact:

+44 20 3923 3113