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DTW1991 to row for AHOY

26th February 2019

DTW1991 are proud to be taking part in the AHOY Insurance Rowing Challenge Shield 2019 at 18:00 GMT on Thursday 16th May.

The challenge involves a 6 person team rowing 8.5 miles (13.68 km) along the river Thames from Woolwich to Greenwich. DTW1991 has 2 teams taking part, team Pacific led by John Isachsen and team Atlantic led by John Cowell. Training has already begun in earnest ensuring the teams have what it takes to survive the gruelling 8.5 miles and beat the best time of 48 minutes.

The teams will be rowing Waterman Cutters. These are 34 foot long fixed seat rowing boats. The design is based on the traditional rowing boats that were used through the 17th & 18th century on the Thames to ferry passengers. It is the biggest fleet of ‘one design’ rowing boats on the Thames. It is rowed by 6 rowers and a cox. Each boat has been crafted and built by the apprentices at the AHOY centre. There are currently 10 teams taking part in the challenge.

AHOY is a charity providing opportunities and training for disadvantaged and at-risk young people. AHOY offer activities and programmes focused on teaching transferable and employable life skills whilst offering opportunities for disabled people to participate on an equal level. They aim to bring together people from many walks of life, working as a community to help others, build life skills, self-confidence and team building.

If you would like to show your support you can donate using the following links:


Regular updates on how the teams are doing will be posted on their fundraiser pages as well as here.

More about the charity

If you would like further information on how to support AHOY or would like your team to take part in the challenge please see


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