Depesh patel

Dipesh Patel

Deputy Class Underwriter – Accident and Health

Let’s never leave this Angus Steakhouse.

Dipesh took his vegetarian Hindu girlfriend into an Angus Steakhouse over 20 years ago with no plans to propose, but as they were talking he just blurted it out. He spoke from the heart while avoiding the steak, and then took his new fiancée to see the film Forever Young. In the film Mel Gibson waited 53 years to ask his love to marry him, he was cryogenically frozen and flew a plane to the proposal. Dispesh’s fiancée teased now that’s how to propose. 

The following weekend they were in Hatton Gardens shopping for rings. Today, he is a proud husband and father. His daughter is studying chemical engineering at Sheffield university and his son recently achieved mostly A*s at GCSE. His family enjoy reminding him that he asked a vegetarian Hindu to marry him in a steakhouse, of all places. 

Dipesh has joined the syndicate as Deputy Class Underwriter, Accident and Health. He has worked in the insurance sector for over 20 years, including Tokio Marine Kiln, Arch and CNA. He is a recognised leader within the Personal Accident and Leisure Travel sector. He has been responsible for transforming A&H divisions, and devising products for SME businesses through long-standing and trusted broker partnerships. 

The expansion into Accident and Health classes is a natural progression for the syndicate; it widens our product offering into our core SME customer base and offers long-term expertise to our coverholder partners and brokers. You could say, it adds more meat to our bones. 

“There is always a broker involved in everything I write as an underwriter. I’ve held the travel account endorsed by BIBA for over 20 years. Underwriting is about relationships. It’s about the quality of the product. It’s about the service we provide. Everything is service. That’s why my broker relationships have endured, and the loyal, service driven DNA of the syndicate is why I joined DTW1991.” 

Contact Dipesh to chat Accident and Health and marriage proposals. 

+44 20 3923 3145

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