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David Lee

Claims Manager – UK and International

Frank Lampard, he eats when he wants.

David is often mistaken for Frank Lampard. On one memorable occasion David and his friends were sat watching Le Cirque De Soleil. Throughout the evening, his sleeve was tugged by a little old lady who kept asking are you him? No, he answered. Repeatedly. After an evening of being asked, he removed his wallet and showed the lady proof of his Davidness. A silence followed. David settled in to watch the rest of the show, content the debate had been settled. From somewhere in the dark came a whisper: excuse me, are you him?

David has been with DTW for several years. He admires and respects everything about how DTW approach claims. He ensures that we provide an extensive service to our clients, and that the right claims get paid, quickly.

The model DTW use is thorough because we don’t cut corners. We don’t set a fixed fee. We pay our adjusters the rate to complete the work, but we expect more in return. David expects more. He expects results, and our adjusters have to prove those results to David and his team.

Does our approach differ from the rest of today’s market? Yes. And we’re proud of it.

“For the first time, as a claims manager, I am part of the underwriting team; learning new skills and being recognised for the value that bespoke claims handling adds to our business. Our approach is built on our promise.”

Call David to find out who ate all the pies and talk business? 

+44 20 3923 3112

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