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Claire Chisholm

Underwriter – North America

The Mystic Meg of Underwriting.

Claire is slowly gathering a collection of random animal friends on the smallholding she recently moved onto. She has befriended a woodpecker called Patricia. Claire is feeding Patricia three times a day. Patricia will soon be so large she won’t be able to fly, and Claire will have a woodpecker for life. Claire has a frosty relationship with a dopey pheasant that wanders around with a distant look in its eyes and an all too apparent death wish. The pheasant ambles in slow circles, walks into trees and is oblivious to the hungry dog looking on.

Claire is living in a caravan on the land until her dream home is finished. The caravan takes an hour and a half to clean, which is good news, because Claire is motivated to maintain high standards. The miles of surrounding forest, she suspects, will take her a little longer to polish. 

As a senior underwriter Claire writes the North American Property and Casualty book. Claire bravely moved from claims to underwriting when DTW offered her the opportunity. A bold move that reflects the approach to life seen by her change from standard living space to farmland. 

Claire understands the business she writes from a claims perspective, which means she has an intuition into which wordings could result in problems down-the-line.

“I moved to a farm because I want life to challenge me. I embrace change. I’m part of a long-term plan and feel like an important part of the syndicate. DTW have put faith in me. I am trusted. Because of my claims background I understand how the policies work. I have a good idea which wordings aren’t going to hold up. I can look at a risk and see the negatives."

Call Claire to predict the future or discuss North America.

+44 20 3923 3153 

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