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Ché Cayford-Smith

Deputy Class Underwriter – Speciality

As he turned into the bend, the back end just went.

Ché was born in South Africa, where his parents met. His Dad (English) drove a Range Rover from the UK across the Kalahari and the Sahara deserts all the way down to SA, where he met his Mum (Scottish) who was working for Forte Posthouse Hotels. Despite living in the UK, when Ché was 18 he was refused entry after returning to England from overseas adventures with friends. He was only allowed home after being questioned for several hours by UK border control. 

He’s a big lover of cars, having built and raced his own kart. He once led the pack in a three-hour go-kart endurance race. With a few minutes to go, his main rival deliberately clipped and span Ché into a 360. The injustice is not forgotten, because ruthlessly winning at all costs is not part of his DNA.

“With the expertise we have in motorsport we see ourselves as a market leader. Our dedicated underwriters, brokers, adjusters and claims team all love, and have vast experience, in motorsport. Working for DTW and being involved in the sport I love is a privilege.”

To talk about near misses and liability, contact Ché.

+44 20 3923 3144