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Ben Warren

Head of UK and International

The elation of realising nobody was killed by a bull.

Ben is intelligent, down to earth and seems normal: yet he willingly participated in the Pamplona Bull Run in Spain. His brother and his best friend decided it would be fun to be chased by a bull. They were wrong. 

A firework exploded in the sky above to indicate the bulls were free. Ben pulled some mild stretching exercises. A little old lady opened a shutter, looked at Ben, and shouted run.

Screaming people and bulls ran amok. Ben lost contact with his brother and his friend in the stampede. Death hung from the balconies and filled the streets. 30,000 people sprinted from the bulls, down the Spanish streets and into the Pamplona bullring. 

He will never forget the elation of finding his brother and friend in the aftermath, safe and well. 

When Ben isn’t running away from bulls in the present, he is fascinated by modern history and the economics surrounding The Industrial Revolution. His dissertation was on The Big Bang and the deregulation of banks in the mid-eighties. He studied why the merchant banks collapsed, the economies and interwar years and how we recovered. He appreciates the link between past and present carries significance.

Ben understands binders, market relationships and people. His interest in historical economics and the connections between moments, plus his analytical mind and methodical approach give him a unique perspective and understanding of today’s market. He knows what good business looks like.

“DTW apply common sense to the binder process. There is a serious due diligence system that involves everyone. Dialogue between the right people, not just dialogue, is important. It’s key that our coverholders speak to Colin or Richard in the DUM team, they speak to Dan the Active Underwriter and they speak to Brad about systems. Our coverholders are involved and engaged with every level of the business. Excellent MI and excellent data is fed back to our coverholders. We commit to longer-term contracts from the outset. The claims team have a common sense approach. If it’s valid, we pay it quickly. None of it is rocket science, it’s common sense – but not many people are doing it.”

Call Ben to chat bull running and international underwriting.

+44 20 3923 3143​

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