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7 Reasons to switch to Holiday Travel+

4th June 2019

At first glance, promoting travel insurance might not appear to be worthwhile. The premiums are small, and finding the right travel insurance product can be a headache with a client who has complex needs, many of which don’t fit an off-the-shelf solution.

Yet, with the right travel insurance product in place, there are some compelling reasons why brokers choose to offer it. So here are the top 7 reasons why brokers recommend Holiday Travel+.

1. It’s BIBA’s flagship travel insurance scheme

Our underwriters have been working with BIBA and their travel scheme since 1996. In 2015 the scheme was endorsed with DTW1991. Every aspect of Holiday Travel+, from the wording to placement and claims has been thoroughly tried and tested by hundreds of BIBA brokers and thousands of their clients. With the renewal of the BIBA endorsement in 2018 BIBA has chosen our offering as the best for their member brokers.

“The team at DTW1991 has worked closely with us to respond to the changing demands of holiday travel insurance customers, and we welcome the new ‘All Risks’ cancellation cover. Our members find this flagship scheme easy to sell and their customers will find the cover to be extensive.”

Steve White – Chief Executive BIBA, Dec 2018.

2. Generous commissions

It takes just seconds to quote and bind via our quick and easy portal.

We can also brand the quote and bind portal and place it on your own website. With a simple link to it from your home page, or promoted in an email, clients can arrange their own travel insurance with confidence, providing you with supplementary income that requires no input from you.

Contact our underwriters to find out more

3. A wide range of pre-existing medical conditions covered, including mental health

1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental health problems at some point in our lives. It is also a well known fact that as we age we will accumulate some medical history. Pre-existing conditions mean it can be difficult to get the right cover. Indeed, many insurers simply won’t cover any pre-existing conditions. Holiday Travel+ covers does. In fact, up to 75% of clients that screen with pre-existing conditions are covered.

We offer a quick and easy medical referral line with trained personnel to whom your clients can disclose their medical history in confidence. There are some conditions we can’t cover, including terminal conditions with a life expectancy prognosis of less than 12 months, unstable conditions and conditions that are currently under investigation but we are here to discuss and consider specific referrals. Please contact us if you have a query.

This page is also available as a bullet pointed pdf to take away and share with your team. Please use the form on this page to download a copy. 

4. High risk and out of the ordinary activities covered

Holidays are a time to feel free of the responsibilities and obligations of everyday life. That’s why Holiday Travel+ provides broad cover that gives clients the freedom to be spontaneous. So when they’re standing on the bridge, considering whether to do that bungee jump, they don’t have to think about if they ticked all the right boxes on their travel insurance.

For your more sporty clients, our Sports Travel+ product includes over 150 sports and activities, from keen amateurs right the way up to Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Whether it’s heli-skiing, a team rugby tour, motor racing or wheelchair fencing, our cover gives them a little extra confidence to compete.

5. Outstanding claims service

We have a culture of resolution at DTW, and our travel claims are no exception. We only work with third-party administrators and loss adjusters who have proven their technical excellence and focused customer service.

It’s why even our brokers use Holiday Travel+ for their own travel insurance.

“The service provided by DTW1991’s 24 hour emergency travel assistance is second to none. As a Father and an Insurance Broker I would not hesitate in recommending DTW1991 travel insurance.”

Julian Cartman, Riverside Insurance Services

6. Enhances valuable relationships

A broker’s business is built on the trust of their clients. Having a ready-made solution for their travel that provides outstanding cover and service, ensures that no travel related event will undermine that trust.

Offering Holiday Travel+ can also help to demonstrate you understand their lives and what’s important to them. For instance, the annual family multi-trip policy gives clients the unusual advantage of covering different members of the family travelling separately on different trips, and even covers children travelling independently.

7. Speak to the insurer, not a customer representative

Holiday Travel+ is provided direct to BIBA brokers from DTW. As the insurer, you won’t get lengthy onward referrals. We are not some large, faceless corporate insurance company with a call centre and customer representatives somewhere far away.

Instead, you can call and speak directly to our Travel underwriting team. For the simple to the complex, the usual to the unusual, they’re there to help. So give us a call.

Why not put us to the test?

Call either of us with a hypothetical request and see how quickly we are able to respond. 

Dipesh Patel
Deputy Class Underwriter – Accident and Health
+44 20 3923 3145
+44 7884 589192

Ryan Husbands
Underwriter – Accident and Health
+44 20 3923 3151

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