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The delegated underwriting
syndicate at Lloyd's

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Claire Chisholm

Underwriter – North America

The Mystic Meg of Underwriting.

Claire is slowly gathering a collection of random animal friends on the smallholding she recently moved onto...

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Ben Warren

Head of UK and International

The elation of realising nobody was killed by a bull.

Ben is intelligent, down to earth and seems normal: yet he willingly participated in the Pamplona Bull Run in Spain...


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John Spenceley

Syndicate Director of Underwriting

A little bit of Boom Boom. Quite a lot of Bang Bang.

John is a peace loving man who loves the artistry behind historical weaponry. If it makes an explosion or puts a dent in the universe...


Dtw alex mann

Alex Mann

Class Underwriter – North America

A cravat tied him to DTW.

Alex’s career began in the moment he wrapped his favourite cravat around his neck before a BBQ for his parent’s 25th wedding anniversary...