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The delegated underwriting
syndicate at Lloyd's

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Working closely with specialist partners, we offer travel insurance and assistance services for the business and leisure traveller. Our policies include the full range of covers including emergency medical and repatriation services.

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From Abseiling to Wheelchair Rugby. New Sports Travel+ product launched

17th October 2017

DTW1991 is pleased to announce the launch of a new Sports Travel+ product catering for professional and amateur sportsmen, women and teams.


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BIBA confirms Syndicate DTW1991 as its Holiday Travel scheme provider

1st October 2015

DTW1991 is pleased to announce that BIBA's successful Holiday Travel scheme has been transferred to us.


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Dipesh Patel to build DTW1991’s Accident & Health (A&H) capabilities

30th September 2015

Dipesh Patel has joined Syndicate DTW1991 as Deputy Class Underwriter – Accident and Health.


Depesh patel

Dipesh Patel

Deputy Class Underwriter – Accident and Health

Let’s never leave this Angus Steakhouse.

Dipesh took his vegetarian Hindu girlfriend into an Angus Steakhouse over 20 years ago with no plans to propose, but as they were talking he just blurted it out.