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The delegated underwriting
syndicate at Lloyd's

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The power of a promise

We take an active role in the claims process and are committed to helping coverholders and insureds to resolve any claims as efficiently as possible. We provide a fast, responsive service, appointing a local third-party administrator to manage the claims process.

We investigate all claims and promptly pay valid claims. Our third-party administrators and loss adjusters undergo rigorous pre-appointment due diligence. We work with organisations and professionals with a market reputation for outstanding technical excellence and focused customer service.

Our third-party administrators are the point of contact in the event of a claim, appointing independent expert loss adjusters where necessary. They populate our operating platform, Diligense.com, with the latest claim information details, ensuring full transparency for all parties.

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David Lee

Claims Manager – UK and International

Frank Lampard, he eats when he wants.

David is often mistaken for Frank Lampard. Once, while out with friends, he was forced to show his ID as proof of his Davidness...