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The delegated underwriting
syndicate at Lloyd's

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Ian Oakley

Head of Programmes

Running from elephants.

On leaving school Ian spent a year completing voluntary service in Africa with Project Trust. Ian knew from the get go that this wouldn’t be a walk in the park...


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Ryan Husbands


Bringing a bit of Bermuda to the city.

Originally from Bermuda, Ryan came to the UK when he was 16 to study. With extended family in both London and Bermuda he feels connected wherever he is...


Depesh patel

Dipesh Patel

Deputy Class Underwriter – Accident and Health

Let’s never leave this Angus Steakhouse.

Dipesh took his vegetarian Hindu girlfriend into an Angus Steakhouse over 20 years ago with no plans to propose, but as they were talking he just blurted it out.